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Junk Runners LLC is your go-to source for all your junk removal needs in Fairfax and the surrounding metro area. Our experienced team of removal experts can handle anything from small residential jobs to large commercial projects. We offer competitive rates, fast and efficient service, and quality customer service. Let us help you get rid of your junk today!

About us

Hello everyone! I am excited to introduce you to Junk Runners LLC, a junk removal business located in Fairfax, VA. We offer fast and reliable junk removal services to help you clear out unwanted items from your home, garage, office, or anywhere else. Our experienced and friendly team will come to your location, assess the situation, and remove the junk quickly and efficiently. We will also provide you with a free estimate so you can know ahead of time what the cost of the job will be. We understand that it can be a hassle to deal with unwanted items, and that’s why we’re here to help. We have the tools and expertise to handle any kind of junk removal job. Whether it’s a single item or a large amount of debris, we’ll take care of it for you. We’re committed to providing excellent customer service and a hassle-free experience. So if you’re in the Fairfax, VA area and need junk removal services, give us a call at (571)-564-5444! We look forward to helping you out.

Our Services

Bulk Waste Collection

Bulk Waste Collection

A service to collect and remove items from residential or commercial spaces, such as furniture, appliances, paper, clothes, mattresses, home goods as well as yard debris. This service is especially ideal for building managers and realtors who need either scheduled or flexible pickups for waste that builds up at loading docks or for clearing spaces in preparation for new tenants.  Whether your job is big or small we cater to each client's needs to complete the job. Let Junk Runners help you alleviate the stress of moving or turning a messy space into a clean one.

Operation ReHome

Operation ReHome

A service where we directly take your lightly used furniture, household goods, and appliances to a non-profit organization of your choice such as the local Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill. Operation ReHome is a testament to our efforts to supply the community with quality items that otherwise would be lost. Our teams will do their best to ensure your items get a second chance to be loved or used to their fullest extent. 

Renovation debris; remodeling debris removal, construction debris removal; hauling

Construction Debris Removal

A service to collect and remove debris from construction sites, such as drywall, old appliances and wood.  We also can perform demolition work on playgrounds or sheds for removal. 

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We offer commercial and residential junk removal services. Contact us today to learn more about our services. (571-564-5444) or [email protected]

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